Guest onboarding

Automatically send a Hostellers login link with a preconfigured Stay to your guests based on their Cloudbeds reservation.
They will be able to access all your Hostellers resources like events, chatrooms, etc...

Or, instead of having Hostellers deliver that email, you can configure your Cloudbeds confirmation email template to include that link. (see Email Template Configuration below)

Express Checkin

Give your guests the ability to specify their personal information and upload their identity document before their stay that will be added to their Cloudbeds reservation (if not already provided).

You can collect configurable identity information along with a document picture and the digital signature of your guests before they even reach your hostel!

Receptionist application

Your receptionists can extract the identity information of your guests from a passport and populate directly the Cloudbeds reservation.

They can also capture the digital signature of your guests.

Download the Hostellers - Receptionist app , log in with your registered admin account and start scanning!

*Scanning accuracy depends on your smartphone's camera quality and processing power. Will not work with older models.

Get started!

Email Template Configuration

Instead of relying on Hostellers to send a login-link to your guests, you can configure your Cloudbeds confirmation email template to include the Hostellers link and completely control your guest communication.
Navigate to Configuration
Edit the email template
Define your text, and insert a link
Insert here the EXACT same link provided in your console

Integration Removal

Simply click the delete button and confirm your choice
Your Cloudbeds integration information will be removed and no further data synchronization will be processed.

Note that your Hostellers account remain active. If you activated the Express Checkin feature, this also remains active but will not process data synchronization with Cloudbeds.
(You can deactivate it in your usual Hostel configuration page)


Feel free to send any questions regarding this integration to
Hostellers has been designed as a highly customizable platform. If your business requires specific features, just let us know!
Answer will be provided within 1 business day.